La macchina del cosmo Book Cover La macchina del cosmo
Alexander Jones
Hoepli Editore
25 Ottobre 2019


Revealing the Antikythera Mechanism, Scientific Wonder of the Ancient World


Alexander Jones

  • A new account of the discovery and early study of the Mechanism, based on archival sources
  • A well-researched discussion of the most important open questions, including where and when was it made, what was its purpose, and how accurate was it
  • Explores the Mechanism’s connections to ancient Greek and Babylonian astronomy, astrology, and physical thought and to ancient society

Alexander Jones, classicista e storico della scienza, insegna all’Institute for the Study of the Ancient World. Si occupa di astronomia e scienza nel mondo greco-romano e del Vicino Oriente antico.

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Marco Chabod

I was a student, an adolescent, an idealist, a Fury, a young man, a nephew, a son, Anger, Lover, baker, barman, waiter, cook, dreamer, writer, mask, husband, uncle, player, athlete, rugby player, rugby coach, student again, humanist, philosopher and thousands other things. Adesso ho deciso di essere e di cominciare da Marco. Pertanto mi diletto con piacere a leggere, recensire e intanto amplio il mio Universo personale.