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Anteprima!!! In uscita il 17 gennaio “Sergio: a Dark Mafia Romance” di Natasha Knight, Quixote Edizioni

Sergio: a Dark Mafia Romance Book Cover Sergio: a Dark Mafia Romance
Benedetti Brothers Book 3
Natasha Knight
Mafia Romance
Quixote Edizioni
17 gennaio 2020

“Author’s Note: Sergio: a Dark Mafia Romance is a steamy and dark standalone romance set in the Benedetti Mafia world. This is not a traditional romance.”

I’m the first-born son of the mafia king. The favorite. Destined to rule, I’m a dangerous man, a ruthless one. But in my world, you have to be.
Then Natalie stumbles into my life. Wrong place. Wrong time.
Twice, fate put her in my path.Twice, fate placed the innocent lamb at the mercy of the monster.
I gave her a chance to walk away. Told her it would be better for her if she did. But she didn’t listen. And now it’s too late. Because I’m not good. I never wanted to be. And I won’t let her go anymore. See, I’m not the hero. When I touch her, it’s with dirty hands.
I know my reckoning is coming though. I know I’ll burn for the things I’ve done, the sins I’ve committed. I don’t deny hell is where I belong, but I want my time first. I want my time with her.
She’s mine.Forever.No matter what.

Autrice di successo del romanzo contemporaneo, Natasha Knight è specializzata in eroi oscuri e torturati.

Sono principalmente moglie e mamma di due splendide ragazze ed ho la passione per la musica ma soprattutto per la lettura. Leggo di tutto romanzi, saggi, storici, ma non leggo libri nè di fantascienza né di horror.


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